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Given the current healthcare issues residents may find the following information useful:

National Government Guidance on Covid-19

Current NHS Guidance on Covid-19

Dorset Council Advice Covid-19

A number of volunteer groups are mobilising within Dorchester and Poundbury – if you need local help and support from the Poundbury Community Coronavirus Help Group contact:

Email –

Telephone – 07919 016833

You can now order food boxes online by going to the new website:


The group can also be found on Facebook where updates will be posted.

Local businesses helping you:

Waitrose – Poundbury. The shop will trade between 8:00am and 21:00pm with the first hour between 8:00 & 9:00am dedicated to vulnerable and elderly customers. These arrangements are in place for Monday to Saturday – Sunday trading hours and arrangements remain the same. Important – services currently not available are: Cafe/Bakery, Dry Cleaning, Glass Loan, Entertaining Orders, My Waitrose Coffee Order.

Waitrose Poundbury can now take shopping orders by phone.You can ask us to shop up to 20 items and pay over the phone ready to pick up.If you prefer not to come into store one of my team will happily meet you outside the branch or take your shopping to your car in our car park, observing social distancing guidelines at all times. If you are isolated you can send a representative to collect as long as you let us know and I.D can be provided.

Our local butchers can now do home deliveries, click the link below for more details:

Brace of Butchers Home Delivery

Brace of Butchers have also amended their opening hours to facilitate home deliveries, these are now: Monday (12 noon to 4pm), Tuesday to Friday (10am to 5pm) and Saturday (10am to 4pm). Sunday Closed.

Poundbury Villages Store (SPAR) – Middlemarsh Strteet

The store normally closes at 10pm and until further notice will close at 8pm.

Rowlands Pharmacy – St. John’s Way

Opening hours until further notice are as follows:

Monday to Friday – 10am to 12:30pm and then re-opens 2:30pm to 6:30pm

Saturday – 10am to 1:00pm

Only two are allowed in the pharmacy with queueing on St. John’s way abiding by social distancing guidelines.

As more information becomes available we will update this page.

The Annual General Meeting of the PRA due to be held on 25th March 2020 at Damer’s School has been postponed due to the current healthcare issues.

Attached below is a message from out-going Chair, William Gibbons summarising measures that will be put in place following the postponement: 2020 03 18 PRA AGM Postponement

There was also scheduled for 24th March at the Duchess of Cornwall – a new resident’s evening. This too has been postponed for now.

Upcoming events:

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