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The Duchy will be carrying out a Consultation process on the possibility of fitting out the Jubilee Hall as community space as a practical and viable alternative to building a new 300-seaterCommunity Hall. As part of this consultation, people will also be invited to consider (some of the) alternative options for community spaces in Poundbury and its vicinity.

The Jubilee Hall, located in Queen Mother Square, the commercial centre of Poundbury, was intended as a pannier market / food hall but the Duchy of Cornwall now feel it could be a suitable venue for a community facility.

During the public consultation the Duchy of Cornwall would like to know, from you, how best you think the Jubilee Hall could be used, whether that be as simply a hall, a venue for groups and organisations or a mixture of uses. As part of the consultation, the Duchy of Cornwall will be asking local groups or businesses who might be interested in managing and running the hall to come forward.

As with the recent Great Field Consultation, the Duchy of Cornwall has appointed Copper Consultancy to run the consultation. It will be inclusive, robust and meaningful, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to comment and that all comments are considered by the team.

The consultation will consist of one drop-in public exhibition on Tuesday 1st May 2018 any time between 2pm and 8pm in the Jubilee Hall Queen Mother Square.

After the first round of consultation, Copper Consultancy and the Duchy of Cornwall will feed back the results to the local community and provide updates on next steps for future involvement. This could be holding another event, sending plans via post, holding a stall at an existing community event (such as the Dorset Food & Arts Festival) or submitting a planning application.

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