Minutes of Meetings

Meeting 12 December 2018

PRA GENERAL MEETING 12 DECEMBER 2018 at the Brownsword Hall 


• Welcome and introductions

Chair William Gibbons welcomed everyone and gave apologies from Ian Johnstone (PRA committee member) and guest speaker Darren Bibby (Landlord at the Poet Laureate).  

There were approximately 100 attendees.

 Notes of the meeting held on 19 September 2018 

The notes from this meeting were agreed by attendees as an accurate record of the September meeting. 

• Matters arising 

Blake Holt gave an update regarding the difficulties residents have been experiencing in the North East Quadrant with contractor parking, slow construction progress etc.  It was reported that work has been progressing at a good pace and conversations with the Duchy have resulted in agreement for a newsletter to be published by the three developers which will communicate with ‘front line’ residents to keep them up to date with what is happening. 

• Update from Councillors – Susie Hosford & Richard Biggs. 

Councillor Gerald Duke was also present.

Susie Hosford gave an update and to note: 

Poundbury has been recognised as being unique and will become its own ward. 

Considered a welcome step forward that Poundbury will now be recognised as a ‘whole’ rather than split between 2 Wards as has been the case.

Has been in conversation with the police due to low-level antisocial behaviour in Poundbury.  This has also been raised with the neighbourhood team.

Consultation about the North Dorchester housing proposal has now closed and feedback from this is expected in the New Year.

A question was raised about Monkeys Jump roundabout and flooding – noted that this is Highways England responsibility.  The Duchy stated that they are also involved with the problem.

Richard Biggs gave an update and to note: 

The reorganisation of the local authority has seen many people lose their jobs.

Open Reach has undertaken work in the South West Quadrant to rectify broadband issues, but it was noted that this work has been done incorrectly so the issue remains.


There is a need for on-call fire fighters in the Poundbury area and although it was noted that there is at least one person, it would be beneficial if there were more.

• PRA Constitution – Blake Holt 

Blake Holt explained that the question of membership had been raised at the last meeting and since then the Committee had looked at the wording of paragraph 3 of the Constitution. 

The wording can be interpreted as membership being open to all Poundbury residents automatically, or alternatively, on application.  The Committee were in agreement that the intent of this wording was the latter; residents may become members upon payment and this entitles them to voting rights and membership benefits.

There were objections to the Committee’s interpretation of the wording of the Constitution, so it was agreed that the Committee would draft a resolution for the AGM in March 2019 to be put to a vote.

• Chairman’s Update 

Presentation to Damers School – a cheque was presented by the Committee in October and the committee has been invited back in February to understand how this has been spent.  There was a forceful statement from the floor that the residents had not been consulted on this donation and that the chairman had given a solemn undertaking that this would be done. The Chairman explained that he could not talk about the donation at the September meeting as the committee were discussing the draft  press release with the School at the time.

HRH’s visit took place on 26th November.

Buttermarket Xmas Events supported by the PRA took place on 3Oth November and 

1st December.  The Xmas Fayre was affected by wind and rain.

Tennis court at Damers school.  The steps from the car park are now in place but further work is required.  Realistically the court should be available in the spring.

Bequest to the PRA.  The £10,000 bequest from the Lock family could be used to fund a special area as part of the Great Field development.

• Treasurers report – Sam Wedge 

Income & Expenditure Report 2018


Subscriptions                                                                             £ 2,182    

Miscellaneous                                                                           £10,008

Total                                                                                     £12,190


Administration                                                                               £175

Hall Rent                                                                                         £150

Donations                                                                             £5,040                          

Miscellaneous                                                                          £789            

       Total                                                                                £6,154

       Balance of Income & Expenditure:                    £6,036

Opening Balance (01/01/18):                                                 £17,399

Current Bank Account Balance (12/12/2018):    £23,435

It was queried whether there were funds allocated for maintenance of benches. This will be investigated. 

• Membership update – Alice Land 

420 households signed up. 

Membership cards have been delivered to those who have given full address and it was requested that enough detail be given when paying to make this as easy as possible. 

Lots of businesses are engaged in giving discounts on an ongoing basis. The website has the most up to date offers and these are also circulated in the newsletters.

• Communications update – Blake Holt and Kate Atkinson


Social media is used very well by people and Facebook and Instagram are reaching a wide audience.


It was queried if there are enough communications for those people who do not use social media or access the internet.  It was agreed that the notice boards would be better utilised to keep people up to date.

• Estate Director of the Duchy of Cornwall – Ben Murphy 

Ben Murphy gave a presentation and to note:

Ben introduced the two new appointments to the Duchy Team who were both present: 

•Jason Bowerman

•Peter Lacey (formerly with Zero C)

Peter James will be based at the new development Nansledan in Cornwall.

Christine Walsh is now the Poundbury Business Manager.

The start of the Great Field development has been delayed and most of the work will now take place in 2019.

Jubilee Hall – consultation undertaken but there has been little interest from organisations  to utilise the space and  manage the Hall. 

There is a plan for a Highgrove shop and information centre, but this is still under discussion.

11.  Pavilion on the Great Field, The Alcohol Education Trust (AET) – Helena Conibear CEO 

Helena Conibear gave a presentation and to note:

Premises on the Great Field will have a café, two public toilets and a community space downstairs with the AET office upstairs.  Design of building will be natural materials to blend in and will be able to be locked up at night. 

Finances – raised £61,000 of £120,000 required.  Will be built at cost by CG Fry and the Duchy has provided land and ground works.  Fundraising events are scheduled but would welcome any help from Poundbury.

Detailed Planning permission will be required.

There were no objections raised to the proposal.

Part of the presentation is attached.

It was queried whether any of the Bequest funds could be used for this as a good Poundbury cause.   This will be considered by the committee.

12.  AOB

No AOB noted 

Next meeting:

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Wednesday 27 March 2019 at Damers School, Liscombe Street

Meeting 20th September 2018


A General Meeting of the PRA was held on19 September and Brownsword Hall was packed with 106 residents.

Chair William Gibbons welcomed everyone and reported that Kirstin Beveridge had resigned from the committee. One person had expressed an interest in joining the committee.

A fatal road accident had occurred in Poundbury on 14 September. Richard Cooper, a young Poundbury resident had lost his life in the accident and William extended sincere condolences to Richard’s family on behalf of all present. A minute’s silence was held in remembrance of Richard.

A police fatal accident was underway. The Duchy have undertaken to implement any recommendations concerning road layout that might result from the investigation.

A resident who lived close to the scene of the accident read out a detailed account of the immediate aftermath. This will not be reported or recorded in the minutes out of respect for the family.

Chairman’s Report

  • Great Field
  • Perimeter paths- work starts November, completion March
  • Play equipment work March/April
  • Pavilion to be managed by the AET. Planning permission is required
  • 450 Trees to be planted
  • Total Budget £1.035 million (including over £0.5 million section 106 money)

Jubilee Hall

  • Drawings submitted for 4th August showed only 92 seats in meeting area
  • PRA committee pressing for 160 seats
  • Duchy are revising plans by end of September

The Duchy Team

  • Kevin Crabbe is leaving for Wessex Water
  • Peter Lacey (from ZeroC) becomes Site Manager for six months from November
  • Christine Walsh is now Poundbury Business manager.
  • New post of Development manager, mainly focussed on Poundbury to assist Ben Murphy.


Treasurers Report – Samantha Wedge

Income & Expenditure Report 2018


Subscriptions £1,692

Miscellaneous £10,004

Total £11,696


Administration £175

Hall Rent £70

Miscellaneous £677

Total £922

Balance of Income & Expenditure: £10,774

Opening Balance (31/01/18): £17,356

Current Bank Account Balance (19/09/2018): £28,130


(NB. These figures are before the Damers School donation)



Membership Report – Alice Land

  • Number of subscriptions to date 358
  • Residents can sign up via the website (payment by Paypal or Bank Transfer) or at Brace of Butchers (cash/cheque payment)
  • Membership cards can be collected tonight, or once registered they will be delivered.
  • Discounts and events for membership card holders. Information about these will be included in the monthly newsletters, on the website and on social media. Also look out for the PRA logo in the shop windows for participating businesses.
    • All year – Bramble Cafe offers hot drinks £1 with food
    • October – Bonjour cafe is offering tea/coffee and cake for £4
    • November – Boos toy shop has 10% off


The new website is up and running after some teething problems, as is the Newsletter and Blog

Construction Issues

Blake Holt referred to difficulties being experienced by residents on the ‘front line’ of construction in the N E Quadrant – contractor parking, noise, slow construction progress etc. Vigorous representations had been made to the Duchy and the building company management and the dialogue was continuing. Residents were encouraged to report any concerns to the PRA so that we could pursue them. There were also growing concerns about missing trees in the new build sectors which again were being pursued by PRA.

The Chairman announced that a Residents Christmas party would be held at the Duchess of Cornwall on 10 December. Details to follow.

Benjamin Rhodes Ward, the new General Manager of the Duchess of Cornwall introduced himself. He also has two new Assistant GMs and was in process of training a new Head Chef. He was determined to bring the food and service at the Duchess up to a consistently high standard, as expected by its customers.

Roger Frapwell, Pastor of the newly opened Community Church in Poundbury, gave a talk about the Church and answered residents’ questions.


The next meeting will be on 12 December


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